Laura Penhaul - Coxless Crew

Laura Penhaul

Team Lead

Age: 31

Hometown: From Cornwall but now live in Putney, London

Job in the “real” world: Lead Physiotherapist for Paralympic Athletics

Past adventures/sporting success: I am a ‘jack of all trades aka Master of None’ when it comes to sport, but I love it all! I’ve run the Paris and London marathons, competed in Barcelona and Geneva triathlons, gained my first age group win at Marlow triathlon, I rock climbed and ice climbed when I lived in Chamonix, I’ve got my Advanced PADI and I love skiing after doing two seasons in Verbier and Val D’Isere.

Why am I doing the row? Having worked in Paralympic sport for over 6 years now, the area that inspires me the most, is the mental strength capabilities of some of these athletes. Rich Whitehead, recently ran 40 marathons in 40 days and he’s a double leg amputee! I might be able to attempt a number of different sports to affiliate myself with the training requirements and nutritional needs etc. but the only thing I can remotely reflect on to replicate daily challenges that people face, is by putting myself in a position to overcome this challenge, which for me and the team will only last 6 months and then it’s a lifetime achievement. I want to feel what it takes to physically and mentally push the boundaries, to prove what the body is capable of achieving.

What excites me most about the row? That feeling of absolute joy and extreme emotion when we finish in Cairns and are back in our families’ arms.

What am I going to miss the most? A shower!

What food will I miss the most? My Aunty Marie’s Cornish pasties

What am I looking forward to the most? Having the opportunity to swim in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

An abstract fact about me:

My power song on the boat: So many… a chilled one and amazing words ‘When the Day Breaks’ by Ryan Keen. Power song for rowing into a storm; ‘Danger Zone’ by Kenny Loggin, something for sleep deprivation; ‘Insomnia’ Faithless and an all time favourite ‘‘Titanium’ by David Guetta to shout out into the deep blue.