Rowing Challenges

Participation in sport has been shown to increase confidence, improve behaviour, and act to motivate and inspire young people.  There are two options available for the rowing challenge.  The aim is to get the students active and help them gain an understanding of the physiological aspects of the row while encouraging them to get involved in fundraising for our two inspirational charities.  The 12 hour relay will also require them to work as a team and thus experience one of the fundamental aspects of our row.  If the school does not have access to a rowing machine then the Coxless Crew will be able to provide one for the day of the challenge.


Students will need to row 500m as fast as possible on a concept 2 rowing machine.  Times for each student will be recorded and a leader board for each year group will be posted on our website.  Students will be encouraged to raise sponsorship or make a contribution to take part.



Students will row in a relay fashion on one concept 2 rowing machine for 12 hours.  The total distance covered will be recorded and updated on to our leader board.  The student should seek sponsorship for this to raise money for our project.

Results and photographs from the rowing challenges will be recorded on our dedicated schools project website so that schools from across the country can compare their performance.  The school winning each challenge will also receive a return visit and talk following completion of the row.


For more information about the Coxless Crew Schools project or to take part please contact Emma on or 07827 667737.  For more information and documentation regarding the schools project please visit the Schools Project page.

For more information about our Pacific Ocean Row please see our website