Support Team

Andrew Brown

Project Manager

Andrew has successfully rowed the Atlantic solo and brings invaluable personal experience to his role as project manager.

Mr. Tony Humphreys

Logistics support

Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience gained over the past 15 years organising sailing and ocean rowing events. Tony will be advising on logistics, route planning, equipment and safety, as well as providing logistical and 24/7 on-the-water support during the row.

Keith Goddard

Sport Psychology

Keith is a trained Sports Psychologist and specialist in endurance events. Keith is supporting us in team dynamics and psychometric measures involved in building and sustaining a strong and cohesive team. Our mental preparation leading up to and during the row will use Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and mindfulness, which will be key to us maintaining strong mental health throughout this row.

Alex Gillies

Imperial College Rowing Coach

Alex Gillies is an experienced rowing coach out of Imperial College Boat Club and has taught some of the team to row plus brushing up the skills of the more experienced rowers within the team. Alex has said about the team, “Crossing an ocean is something I have always wanted to do myself and I admire those with the drive and ambition to go out and do it, qualities found in abundance within the Coxless Crew team.”

Alex Wolf

GB Rowing Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach

Being the Lead Strength and Conditioning coach of the GB Rowing Team, it is Alex’s S&C programmes and team that helped the athletes win 4 Golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronzes at the Olympic Games- so we’re in great hands if we put the work in.


Physiology support

The Physiology team at Team Bath are helping us with their expert opinions and use of their facilities to monitor our VO2max, lactate thresholds and HR etc. which will facilitate our training plans. They are also assisting Laura Penhaul in collecting data on us for the effects of sleep deprivation, the results of which she will be using towards her MSc thesis.

Intus Healthcare

Intus Healthcare are proud sponsors of the Pacific Ocean Row 2014 team. We are sleep specialists and distributors of the internationally popular Zeo Sleep Manager device, used by many to improve sleep and daytime performance. We help ensure the team get the optimum results from healthy, good quality sleep. By enabling the team to switch their sleep schedules over to a Polyphasic sleep pattern, they can be awake for longer periods of the day without experiencing the undesirable effects of sleep deprivation, as well as being able to switch between rowing shifts more easily. Intus Healthcare, providing better sleep to help make dreams possible.